FUNERAL C, Illinois

I want to give my terminal sister this one gift before she goes. She’s in a facility and after losing all her finances to this disease and its expenses she is on medicaid. There is no money for the extremely costly expenses of a funeral. Look up the average cost of a funeral. It astounded me! She’s asked over and over how we will pay and that she doesn’t want to be a burden. She cries from time to time, not because of her fate but because she worries about us. Please allow me to rest her mind in her final days. My sister suffers from MSA. (Multiple Systemic Atrophy) Basically, all her bodily systems are failing. It took only 6 years to diminish to being bed ridden today. It’s heart breaking to see her need to be fed, and ask over and over to repeat something because it’s so hard to understand her incoherent mumble. She’s had a rough life; molested as a child and spent her entire life in the closet. She’s spent her life hiding. She’s at an age when she should be enjoying the fruits of hers labors, but it’s all be cut far too short. Please help.