Funeral Cost

Jay, Bronx,NY

Hello world i am deeply sadden tonight because this morning my uncle passed away. Two days ago he was in a Spanish Harlem grocery store when a young man came in flashing his gun at the clerk. My uncle tried to get out of the store and was shot three times. The robber fled the scene and the clerk called the ambulance. He was rushed to the hospital survived a day and this morning passed away. He was all i had my only family smh. I have to make funeral arrangements and i only have around $150 saved up. I am here asking anyone with a kind soul who can donate anything that can go to giving my uncle a proper funeral burial. I have asked some of my friends for money but times are rough. Even went out in the streets tonight asking for money with his picture with me and was able to get $20. Hopefully with this site and people across the world reading this someone can help me out. Thank you for the interest of reading and God Bless You all have a good night as i will be up all night.