Hello,This is Anneshan Baruah. I passed engineering this year. Now i want to open a bike and car restoration center,that is a small scale industry.But as a belong to a poor family,my family can't invest any money on my dream. I too studied by taking an educational loan of 6 lakhs rupees,which I have to refund after six months and also am kicked away from my own home. Today i am a homeless and living like a begger. so its quit hard for me. So,if you could help me by funding me 20 lakhs rupees i would open the workshop of car and bike restoration. And one more dream i have from my childhood,to help the poor children in the studies and forming their future. so after setting my business,70 percent of the money which i earn,i would donate to the poor children. If possible please help me. i would always remember this help of yours'. I live here in nagaon district of assam,india. i have a state bank of india account of no:- 31915260325. kindly, please do me that favour. my contact no:- +91 9864251089 hope you will accept my prayer.My all dreams are on your shoulder now. I beg of you to listen to my prayer. Please don't ignore me like the others. I am very much passionate about my dream. Please,listen to my prayer. Please don't ignore me cause am an Indian. I know you can be the one who would help me to fulfill my dream. I trust you. yours' faithfully Anneshan Baruah