I Wanna L, Tucson

I am not going to spew my sob story. ...What? It would be too long. Just this - Hardworking all my life, facing doing it until the day I die, which will probably be expedited from working so hard. I simply wish to retire. I deserve it, I have earned it. If I keep going at this rate, with the stress , and the pressure, I will have a stroke and become a burden to my only child. This I wish to avoid at all costs. I wish to live simply and freely for just a bit , before I am too old to do so! How can it be in this country you can be educated and a dedicated worker for decade after decade, and still find retirement an impossibility? Must we feed this poisonous system until the day we die? It is time to break free, and live a little before we die. Please help me out of this trap. Please.