Free Food for 100,000 Leprosy patients and Poor People + Free Cataract Surgeries to 1000 Poor People !

Caterpill, IN

My Dear Beloved Donor, Already I have sponsored Few Free Cataract surgeries to the poor and also did food charity for 150 leprosy inmates of a leprosy centre + more poor people .This may be a drop in the ocean, but remember what Mother Teresa said : If your action atleast helps 1 person , it will reduce poverty by 1, right ? Please allow me to intensify such services by providing in abundance to me and you will be blessed miraculously by this Abundant universe ! I don't want to cause pain to you to extract money from you, but this is true that when I had lots of money last year and this year, I shared with almost all my loved ones and also for charity. So I deserve help from the universe and I accept abundance of money from the universe in all forms , I am open to receiving large amounts of money and I will receive it and give it back in the form of love to the universe, so click me and give me money , if you are unable to provide money, just do a thumbs up to my ad, I love you for that ! Thank you for your donation > I accept whatever amount you give me according to your situation. All gratitude to you. If you are rich and prosperous and have lots of money but you are not being cured by some incurable diseases, have relationship problems, and other things not cured by money, donate to me, Just offer a prayer before donating to me that you be healed and donate to me , The rest will be taken care by the Universe ! Amen !