For my Father

Please help us. Please help my father for his fast recovery. He has adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder (Adhesive capsulitis, most commonly referred to as frozen shoulder (FS), is an idiopathic disease with 2 principal characteristics: pain and contracture) . He can't stand on his own, he can't walk on his own, he can't eat on his own, he can't do anything on his own. :(((( Every other Day he have to be checkup and acupuncture for his fast recovery. But we do not have enough money for every other day checkup and acupuncture. As per doctor, this is a long run treatment. I do have a Job but it is not enough for his medical needs. I only earned Php. 11,000 a month. and the cost of his medical treatment per day is ranging from Php. 2,000 - Php. 3,000. I dont know what to do. I want to help him to recover fast, but i do not have money for his medical needs. I always see my mother very exhausted just to take care of my father, my mother didnt even sleep well to look at for my Father. Sir, Mam, I am pleasing all of you to help my family, my father for his Fast recovery. Im begging you, this is all i can do to help my Family.