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Hi, I'm going to try and keep this short. Our family has been struggling since the beginning. But since my father lost his job in 2008, everythings been debt, debt and more debt. He was assulted at work, and he was the one who got fired for it. Then, years later, the guy threatened our family, resulting in a court case, which we won. We had to take a loan to pay the fees, which just added upon a ton of other debts since my father cannot find work. Our family now struggle to pay bills. My mother works and all the money she earns, plus all benefits go on bills. We sometimes struggle for food. I have never traveled further than 200km away from my house, and can't learn to drive in our 22 yo car. The sooner the bills are paid off, the more we can save to have a better life. Your generosity will be much appreciated. Thank-you, Taylor family