Food, Toilet Paper and Clothing.

Shattered, Californi

Hiya, my family just lost our home and we have nothing. Bank took it our home of 40 years and we lost it when we lost our jobs. Currently we're in an apartment and we have no furniture. Barely making ends meet we have no furniture, no toilet paper and clothing we had to leave at the house. The bank gave us short notice and everything in our home had to be left behind. My mother is on her last set of contacts and glasses were left in the bathroom of our foreclosed home. I ask for used refrigerator (we're looking for one) for contacts/glasses/eye check, $200 sofa, clothing (since it was left behind) dollars for food/toilet paper/shampoo and maybe some towels for the bathroom. We're all sharing this computer so I'm hoping I'm doing the right thing by asking. I'm scared for my family we struggle so much since the house was foreclosed and we have no food in the house right now. So I'm hoping really hoping this is the right thing to do.. We just could really use your help and thank you so much for taking the time to read this. If you are unable to help and know someone that could donate some toilet paper or food. I would be incredibly grateful. Keep us in your thoughts and have a beautiful day. Sincerly, Noelie Our Paypal: