Food (10 Ramen packets left) - Rent (coming up soon)

Nicholas, Maine

I realize my story probably isn't all that great but at least its the truth. I recently lost my first job (position got cut) and have been filling out applications for the past month and a half, still no replies. I've been living off of the last scraps of food I've had and the meager amount of money i had left from my job. Unfortunately that money ran out and i still have rent to pay (thankfully my landlord is being gracious and has given me until next month to pay him) as well as trying to at least sustain a calorie intake of 1500 a day. Ramen has been my regular meal for the past 2 weeks. The only reason I'm really here is because I'm trying to sustain my current situation until it gets better but I need a little bit of help doing so. Even a single dollar will help greatly.