Floods took away everything... I need $500 to get back on track

David Joh, Kerala,In

Hi guys. Before you judge my problems as silly, please read my story. I'm an engineering student from India. I come from a middle class family in Kerala, south India. My father is the only earning member in my family. Though he has not gone to college, he always found ways to earn, through petty businesses. We always had our financial troubles, but we always found a way to get through it. But after the demonetization of currency by the Indian govt in 2016 ( Google it), unorganised sector businesses like my father's and lot of others where deeply effected. I was in the final year of Computer Engineering in college at the time. By cracking the national entrance examination, I was able to study in a govt college with moderate fees. Still I had to take an education loan. After my father's business collapse, things went from bad to worse, he suffered a stroke. We had to use up all our saving for treatment. Amidst all this, I simply couldn't focus on my studies and failed in most exams in the final 2 semesters. Now my father's health isn't great and it seems like he can't work like he used to and his medications are worth a lot. For the past year, I have been trying to clear all the failed exams and graduate. Even after graduating, It would be a while before I cud get hired (that's the situation of Engineering in India). Till then I have been working on small jobs through freelancer.com to earn a living. It's really hard finding even freelancer jobs without degree certificate, but I managed it somehow. In the mean time I decided to enhance my skills as a android programmer (I learnt basics in college) and use it to find a better job. Fortunately for me, I received the Google India udacity scholarship. Completing the course would give me a nanodegree and a good chance to find a good job. But happiness didn't last long, last month state of Kerala was flooded (Google Kerala floods), all of our houses were submerged and a lot of damage was done. He had to move to relief camps as a result. Among all the things damaged was my laptop ( which I got as a part of education loan). It's completely damaged and can't be repaired. I desperately need to buy a new laptop for doing freelancer jobs as well as completing udacity nanodegree. I don't know what to do, my only income has dried up and my education loan debt is growing...I need help from u guys... I need to raise almost $500 (almost 30000 Indian rupees) to buy a decent laptop in India..Please please help me... Please please donate something... Paypal: gfschmt@gmail.com 🙏🙏🙏 I searched for used laptops,most where over priced or unreliable.. If any of you have a decent used laptop and is willing to send it to India, please contact me..