Flat, glasses, rent, car, etc

Hanna, UK

I am a student on an unpaid placement. This means I do full time work without getting paid a penny until I've finished my University course in 2 years time. In the meantime I have to pay for my car to travel to my placement and any rent during that time. On top of this my girlfriend and I are hoping to get a flat, except for these few facts. She is jobseeking her socks off and can't even afford to get herself tested for glasses until she gets work. Who would hire someone who can't see? And to top it off, my parents have decided to split and it's likely that when they both get different places to live there won't be room for me to stay anyway. My priority so far is my girlfriend's glasses, her health is most important to me, even if I have to live in a box on the street for her to see.