Finishing Immigration For My New Wife

Trevortni, Seattle

I just married my wife in the middle of December, but as she is from another country, we need to finish paperwork by the end of January so she can stay in the country and be permitted to look for work - the price tag for this final paperwork is about $1500. We would have had enough money for this paperwork from the money we received at the wedding, but on the way to the wedding, my car breathed its last, and now we need to find a new car, on top of all the other expenses involved in setting up a new household. I don't care so much about the car, since I am within walking distance of my work, but my wife is from a much warmer climate than she is living in now, and the cold is a real difficulty for her. My parents have a lead on a really good, inexpensive car ($1200 for an early 1990s car that just reached 100,000 miles and was previously owned by a friend of the family that just passed away), if we can afford it right now, but we only have about a week left to decide if we can afford it. Please help me pay for the paperwork so my wife can be declared a permanent citizen and also be allowed to work (which will drastically improve our financial situation); and also please help me pay for a car so that my wife won't have to walk in the cold when we shop for groceries. Thank you, and God bless.