Financial Stress

Seeking_f, Right her

I swear it seems like theres no way out. I'm in a financial crisis. All around the world people throw money away. I've made my share of financial mistakes and I know theres people out there worse off than me. I make about 3000 a month. Half of which is deducted for government costs and then theres the $1000 going toward paying off loans. I can't get another loan because I dont have enough time remaining on my contract. I'm an alcoholic in recovery or atleast trying but the easiest thing to do is drink...and poof all this stress is gone. I added it up today and I'm $11,000 in debt. My bills are way behind and I just do not have the money to pay them. I drink because my past still haunts me and I have things back there that I'm still unable to confront. Ive extended myself far beyond my reach to help out other people and when I am in need no one is there for me. I ache and my heart is torn, sometimes I wake up in the morning and I wonder why i breathed through the night. Why is this so difficult? I hear everyone say things like establish a budget and etc but if there's no money to budget then what do I do?