Financial Rut :(

Kmurph810, RI

Good Evening, I'm sure you have heard the line "ive never done this before" Well for me that is true- I literally have never had to beg for money or help. Here is my story in a nutshell: I am a mom of three children. We recently fell on extremely hard times. The home we were living in got shut down due to a gas leak and many many other issues. During the same time I got laid off from my job of 5 years. I worked with children in state care who came from abusive/neglectful homes, the program changed policies and I was no longer "qualified' to do my job due to not having a Masters degree. My children and I decided it would be best to stay with family. During that time I took a few part time jobs but have yet to find anything steady and full time. Recently I found a rental home that is perfect for us, walking distance to the school, reasonably priced, and in a great child friendly neighborhood. I have been saving money for 3 weeks now and I have still come up short. I am in need of $1000 for a deposit and some towards the first month. If anyone at all could help us even a little bit I would be beyond thankful. I am a huge believer in paying it forward- which I will do as soon as financially I am able. I need a little break in life and a little help. I have lived my life helping others and hoping someone somewhere will see this and help us. If you have any further questions or would like more details please don't hesitate to email me. Thank You for everything- every little bit helps.