Financial lack

Teeth Nig, United Ki

Hello, I am looking for every single help in the world so please don't ignore my message. I would kindly ask for your support please as my friends are not able to help me enough. I am in need to reach my goal as soon as possible as having serious problem with my teeth and can't afford money and free time to get all done as rent,credit and bills waiting behind me. Also try to help my mom as much as I can as she is lonely and nearly homeless after bad weather this winter. I am working and been working non-stop in last 10 years - I am 28 old and always survive alone but now I am not able to sort everything out due financial lack. I've always been nice and helping people in need as possible but now is my turn to beg for help... I am totally lost so please... really appreciate your time, any support means so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart all!!!