Financial help

Overcome , USA

Where do we begin ? In 2009 a tumor was discovered in my talus . After 4 surgeries and three years of not walking I finally took my first steps again ! I've been walking for nearly a year now . Since I've been walking I've also had surgery to remove a tumor in my abdomen and am being monitored for one in my breast . Needless to say times have been quite hard . I'm usually the one anyone can come to and ask for help , but the burden has become too much . Christmas was a humbling experience my three children and I to say the least . With another surgery coming up next week I am in fear . The bills are piled up . The inability to work and provide ( something I'm use to doing ) is killing me physically and mentally . I've prayed and know that God will provide . Please consider easing the burden for me and my precious babies . We would be forever grateful !!