Fell behind on bills

Help keep, Watertown

I am a military spouse and mom of 4 children.I am in need of help. We got a letter that our auto insurance will be canceled Monday Dec 16th if it is not paid in full. We fell behind after one of our payments bounced. I paid it up but then I didn't realize by bouncing a payment it canceled our auto payments. I am now several payments behind. I also am behind on several other bills but this is the one that will affect us the most. I am looking for a minimum of $150 in order to pay it pay the insurance up to date. I was hoping I could also get help me get paid up or pay off several other things to help lighten my family's financial burden. We have about $40,000 in debt. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated. Please email me at mesha23@live.com if you can help.We are also struggling to get Christmas gifts for our 4 kids. We would like help with cash or donations of toys for our kids to have a Christmas.