Father died and struggling bills

Please ta, Leeds , U

Hello my name is Samir Hussain. My family used to work and I lived a happy life till my father died which meant quickly we spiraled into debt. My mother has taken up a job but struggles to pay the bills. Therefore I cannot ask my single mother to pay for my lunch fees and travelling accomodation. To make matters worse for situations like this my current college only gives support till after January and with siblings to look after I cannot find a part time job as I have a responsibility to look after my family. All help would be appreciated. I would need £2.10 for a long hop (bus route) which prices can be found on http://www.firstgroup.com/ukbus/leeds/tickets/simple_fare/ . Thanks for all your help in advance and may god bless you and pray that my family recovers from this blow :(. With your money I can complete my A'levels (A2) in Chemistry and Biology.