Family will be homeless may 4th

my family and I have been kicked out of our home. we must be out by may 4th. We need to raise $1000 - $2000 by May 4th so that we can have the money for first and last months rent and deposit for a new place. I am scared to death that our family, (my husband, our 7 year old daughter, and our 9 year old son, and myself) will end up homeless. we have fallen on hard times and my husband and i are unemployed. my parents have offered to buy us tickets to wherever we can find housing we can afford. after much research we have decided montana is the best place for us. its beautiful, and a slower pace than california. we will also be able to find jobs quickly. we are not just begging, because we wont be able to take anything we own besides our clothes, we have been posting things on craigslist as fast as we possibly can, and we are planning a yard sale for this weekend. havent sold much on craigslist yet, we have made $50 on a dresser, and $50 on my stained glass art, paints, and supplies, thats it. please help us get on our feet.