Family will be homeless in 2 days

My husband was recently laid off from his job along with 10 other people due to downsizing and we have been staying in a motel because after the death of his grandfather we were kicked out of the home we were renting from him so that my mother in law could sell the house. My husband recently started working again but he won't get paid for a week and a half and our room rent is due Monday morning, we have talked to the manager but she says she cannot work with us, all we need is $200 to get us through until my husband gets paid. I hate asking but we have exhausted all other options and this is my last chance to keep from being homeless on Monday morning. Any amount would help us out, I am not trying to scam anyone, I would even be willing to provide my phone number so that you could talk to the motel manager yourself. My PayPal email is