Family unble to pay Bills, may become homeless.

Clark Fam, Oregon

Hello I am a Single mother of two boys, One of my boys is 17, the other is 5. Recently or in the past year, we have been through extreme hardship. My oldest son came down with a condition that stop him from functioning in the real world at that time, for a whole year straight I was told by doctors and specialist that he would never be the same. Luckily, he is starting to get better, but not at a fast pace, during this time, I lost my job, my house, my belongings / my livelihood, but one thing I never lost was the hope for my oldest son. The three of us where homeless for over 6 months and we are currently in a 3 bedroom, but struggling to make ends meet. I continue to pay hospital bills, and bills from my fast trying to keep my name in good standing, but I am not doing a god job. I have fallen so hard, I am about to give up on the hope that our family will ever come up out of this, and we will remain homeless or broke for life. At 34, I had plans, and goals set, and all of that faded away, but I was also given back my son, My oldest son. You have no idea, the three of us will sleep in one bed for the rest of our lives if necessary because we know how much it means to have to have each other. But I want more for my boys. I don't need much, really even 5 dollars helps us through a week. At this point in my life, I am asking whoever may read this, if a dollar is two much, trust me 50 cents means allot to us. I hope that one day I can have a piggy bank for my boys again, I hope that one day, I can feed them without explaining why we are eating leftovers for the third night. Life is hard on everyone, and I hate to ask for help, because I know that worse things are happening to people. For instance, we just lost a dear family friend, he was only 9, but we did everything we could to be there for him, helped at fundraisers, and went days in the same clothes, just to be by his side. Our family has been through so much in the last couple years, I just wish for one blessing, and for it to help us out of debt, and into a different path in life. I want to sunrise to look bright again, and my children to smile with no worries. I tank you for reading, and you may email me! Thanks again, Clark family.