Family Support ♥️😥

Hi you! My name is Oscar Augustin and I am 15 years old. I live in Sweden with my single mother -father is dead ( Marco Augustin ). Right now my mother is struggling with her financial situation. And we are currently lining on student grants and social contributions. We have been involved in SOC since I was 6 months and I have been moving home more than 12 times my life! 😬 My mother has currently neck/back problems so she is workless -and will be so. My mother is also in trouble with the bailiff. she owes them 50000 Swedish krowns! 😥😥 And the amount just adds up as time goes on. In the end I might need to pay for her 😯. Anyways, back from being paranoid about the future. I will start high School next weekend and I wounder if I may could ask you to be a kind person and support me and my mothers future ♥️♥️♥️ It would mean the world for me! Mostly because I want to see my mother happy, I miss that smile on her face 😢 I hope you all a wonderful day! God bless all of you 👼♥️ PayPal: Bitcoin: 19HhDDeALd2gb9r4KdHusVeaQiWzYFdP7q Ethereum: 0x672a9466baeab7c776a08d00284112d8b678ea2f Also, here's my site (