Family Struggling.

Helping m, Texas

My mom had surgery for her brain tumor twice throughout her life in America when she came in 1985 from Poland. 1987 was her first surgery and her most recent surgery was in 2003 and she is unable to work or drive due to her frequent seizures and must always carry her pills that stabilize her seizures. In 2005 when my brother Mike had graduated high school he became ill and came to find out that he had a brain tumor just like my mom, and also brain cancer. He went through chemo and survived through his ordeal but was never the same young man that we knew as he once was before his surgery, and is currently unable to work. The brain is a serious matter and it has serious effects. My father never gave up as medical bills began to soar very high, and he cancelled his 401k plan and years later paid off all the bills but didnt have much left. 2 years later he injured his back and wrist working as a truck driver and medical bills soared high aswell, considering my father was the only one working at our household this was a huge factor in our life. He became disabled and is unemployed to this day receiving only income from his long-term disability insurance along with my brother Michael's Social Security Income and his food stamps that he qualified for. I have been living in an hour away from home along with my brother Matt attending college with the help of finacial aid but back home it is just my father, mother and brother Mike. We all help each other but now it has gotten to the point where bills are bringing us down. I'm a 20 year old that has more honor than begging and I know my dad would not approve of this but maybe there is someone out there who can help us out. Thank you and god bless. Contact me at if not sure. I'm sure you understand that putting all my info out here is not a good idea so please contact