Family of Four needs help

I didn't even know this type of thing existed. Friends told me to try. If we don't get some money quickly, we will be short on rent and we have no money for groceries or gas for me to get to work, never mind any other unexpected issues that may arise. My husband has been looking for work for six months and it's caught up to us now. My income isn't enough to support our family of four. He has been on numerous interviews and we are praying he gets a position soon. Once he gets employment and we're back on our feet, I would like to give back on here as well. Please help. I would never normally do this, but we've reached our limit on our line of credit, credit cards, bills are behind by a month, and I don't know where else to turn... I just got paid on Friday.  I've been searching the house looking for things to sell. I've been feeling very upset and desperate.