DigitalBl, Upstate N

Not too long ago my fiance and i found our selves living in a tent expecting twins and we had managed to get through. As for now we have just had a baby boy which has made our situation more dire than ever. He work 40hrs a week and it still not enough. I also think he has high blood pressure due to the stress but he tries not to show his pain. He tells me going to a doctor won't pay the bills so he suffers in silence. I have so much pride but I find my self here asking for assistance. At this time we owe 190 dollars in rent and the landlord is less than happy. She stood there waving her finger in my face saying "we need to get our s**t together as she left she slammed the door waking up our children who were napping. Our car insurance is 168 a month and we have a water bill that is over 200 dollars as well. We have called all of our local charities and apparently fema is 7 months behind and no one has any funding. We are just trying to ride out the storm until taxes come but that does not seem like an option anymore. All of our bills are behind and we have car insurance we can not afford so we will be forced to take it off the road. At this point we need 190 dollars for rent. I will have to live in a women's shelter but my husband has nowhere to go. We are struggling so so hard to get back on our feet again and it has been next to impossible.