Family needs help before July 19 2014

Sarah, Avoca WI

My name is sarah and the reason why I am posting an ad on here is because my parents and I need some help with money. We are behind on our car payment and house payment. We just got a letter in the mail on June 30th and they told us in the letter that if we don't come up with the money to pay them that they are going to take the car and the house. Also my mom is a diabetic and has to take insulin twice a day. She is the only one working right now as my dad cant work and I am looking for a job but have not found one yet. I think its because of my disability. My mom works hard but the money she makes hardly covers our bills. We also need the money because my parents and I take medication and we are just about out of our medication. We cant get it with out having money for it. Also we are in need of food. My parents and I have asked all of our friends if they could help us with the money and they have all said no. To take care of all the things that I have listed we would need $5000. If anyone would be willing to help my family in this time of need please email me because my PayPal is locked permanently because my account has been hacked so I can not log in to get anything so please message me if you can help. Thank you and My parents and I appreciate your help again please email Thank you.