Family in need for the holiday season.

Valls8488, Chesterfi

Hi there! My name is Rebecca and I have a beautiful family of six. I have two girls ages 15 and 13, and two boys ages 8 and 2. A few years back my husbands cousin passed away leaving the girls with no where to go. my husband and I decided they would live with us. Prior to getting the girls my husband and I were working full time providing for our family of three. I working with a doctor for several years At that point and my husband doing fire suppression. At the time we had one child between us. After taking the girls I. I had lost my job due to time needed for court and the children. After things with the girls and school and court settled down, I began working again. Two years after having the girls I became pregnant and had to leave my job due to pregnancy complications. All the wile my husband was working. Since giving birth to my son my husband and I decided I would stay home. Things became difficult to manage with the bills and food. Not to mention school and daycare and sports. I am trying my best to keep it together and I did find work in September, but with my availability it is proven difficult to maintain full time employment. With my youngest falling ill and needing hospitalization and other issues that have come up. I am asking if anyone might be able to help us get through this tough time. Just enough to help get our family through Christmas and back on track with our debt and bills. Any and everything would be appreciated! I am in need of about 3,000$ but anything would be a blessing!