family crisis

Francois, South afr

I know there is a lot of people begging. But its not the easy way out. Everyone has their own story, each and every one feels that they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Begging to someone you don't even know is not easy, but worth a try to survive. My wife fell pregnant and got dissmissed from her job. She can't find another job while being pregnant. Employers don't hire pregnant women. I'm struggling to make ends meet, she been trying to complete surveys on the net. But its barely enough. I'm falling behind on my bills trying to gather everything for the baby. My wife has a heart condition, making it impossible for her to deliver the baby normal. She must get a c-section wich will cost about R15000 ($1800). Any donation will help make the load and stress a little easier. Its for a good cause. I say thank you to the people who can help me. Yours sincerely. Francois