Family Crisis

At a comp, Minnesota

My family and I recently moved to a new town to help out our friends. Well, our so called friends decided to move away so now we are stuck in a small town where we know well, nobody. We have been struggling financially since we married in 2010. Here's a little back story. I met my wife 3 years ago and we finally got together January of 2010. My mother was kind enough to let us stay with her. Well, February of 2010 we found out she was pregnant. We got married in July of 2010, had our son in October of 2010 and still resided with my mother. I had a job but lost it and then my wife found a job to help with expenses. Come August of 2011, my wife had lost her job due to medical reasons and we were forced to move out. No one would help us, not family, nor friends, until one day a childhood friend contacted me and was in the same situation so we lived at a campsite for the same amount of time helping each other out. They then got the luck to find an apartment to move into and the landlords luckily let us stay. Come November of 2011 the other apartment became available and we were able to move in with help from our state. Currently we still live in that place but we are struggling bad. We found out in December we are expecting another child in August of 2012. We are doing what we can to find work, I am working on starting my own business but it is hard with all our funds going for food and gas in the vehicle. We are behind on bills due to this also and finding work is such a struggle. This is a last resort type thing because quite frankly I am not even sure if its legit. I am just that desperate to find someone to help us. Its hard waking up everyday not knowing if we will have enough food or diapers to get us through the week. My wife prays daily and she is starting to lose faith. I just want the best for my family. If you could help that would be a blessing. Thank you and God bless.