Family close to living on the street

Mommyof4, IL

I am a single mother of 4 small children ages 8,7,4,1 we recently started to rent out a house things were going great until my car broke down. Slowly everything broke down with it I lost my job 2 weeks after, and last Friday my land lord told me that he is selling the house and that we have until July 6th to move out. We have no family here in IL. I do have a friend living in Grand Junction Colorado who is willing to put us up with a place to stay until I get back on my feet But now the issue is getting there I currently have 200$ to my name and it is not enough to get my car fixed or get on a grey hound with my children. Let alone enough for pampers and food to feed my kids with. I don't want to face the streets with 4 small children no transportation no food clothes we have nothing but each-other. I love my children with all my heart but sometimes love just isn't enough I failed my children because love doesn't put food on the table every night. So ive resorted to posting this ad in hopes that someone out here in this world cares, Anything helps im not asking for much if you cant afford to help me I understand but please keep my family in your hearts and prayers Thank you kindly for all your support.