Falling deepr and deeper into a hole and debt

Thomas, White Pla

My name is Thomas and I am in dire need of financial help. Right now I am seeking help for my Bi-Polar disorder, Hep C, Severe Visual, Psychdon't respond-scamric, Diabetes and other physical disorders. I got into legal problems a little over 10 years ago in NY due to financial problems and I also had a new born and I couldn't provide for her which lead me to more illegal activities. I am attending a daily program and I also see a therapist weekly to help me with my psyc problems. I was denied ssi and ssd twice. I have been homeless many many times and I have been hospitalized more than 10 times. Please, can someone please help me so I can get my dental and visual problems fixed and so that I can get the clothing and other things I need to try to find a job. Right now all I have is a ged that I got while I was incarcerated for stealing to support my new born. Please contact me 914-216-5371 or tjpadilla37@yahoo.com. I am in White Plains, NY.

Please donate via paypal: tjpadilla37@yahoo.com