facing foreclosure

Desperate, New jerse

Hello and thank you for reading this. I understand a lot of individuals on this site have their own hardships, however I would appreciate any help that is available at this time. I have been a successful business man in the past and have been able to donate money and time to many unfortunate people in the Camden NJ area. As luck, or lack of luck would have it, I am finding myself on the other end of the spectrum and am now looking for any financial help I can get. When the economy derailed, I lost my business and had to sell my family's home and of course this was done through a short sale, so I did not receive a penny from the proceeds. I was able to start living in a home that was owned by a relative and agreed to make the mortgage payments. This started off fine and I thought things were looking up. Unfortunately, the company I was employed with closed their doors and I found myself scrambling to earn a dollar. I have since found a position that I feel has some potential and a secure future. The down side is that I owe my family member approx. $9500 in back mortgage payments and am facing the real possibility of eviction. Let alone the possibility of packing up my family again. I will have this horror of not being able to pay a relative their due money. I am asking for some help at this time and would even look to pay back any donated funds, once I am up and running. ( should be 12 months ) Again, thank you for considering.