Eye surgery for my girlfriend (fiance)

Kaktits, Latvia

Greetings, My name is Martin, I have a girlfriend named Eve (Ieva in my native language) and I am looking for ways to help her. As the title mentions, it has to do with eyes. She has a pretty bad eyesight and it will only get worse over time ( she already wears glasses that are too week for her because wearing the necessary strength glasses would be too much of a shock for her eyes when she started wearing these, as the doctor said. ) We plan to live together for a long time (merry her? :) ) and it would be terrible if one day she could not see me at all.. :( Eye surgery can help fix that, but, as you may know, it costs.. some 4 digit numbers. We cannot possibly afford something like that anytime soon and the sooner the surgery is made, the better. I will appreciate any every donation very much.