Extreme Money Crisis

Please le, NG

I never thought I would be in this situation. But I am, I am out of employment now and I don't have much qualification. I am so ashamed. I need to pay emergency due bills. I lost my land property some days ago. So, I am unable to recover this danger with it. I am asking any angels out there to send me some assistance. I would like to offer my heart-felt prayers for anyone who is willing ot assist me! And I will keep you in my prayers for long. I have learnt a work-skill to earn good income. For this, I need to purchase some equipments. I need to pay my emergency due bills as well. But again that require funds that I do not have. I can also promise that if I make it through this personnel hell, I will repay your "lent amount of money". I will be doing anything I can to help anyone I can. I am 100% confident I can repay your loan within short period of time. I just need some equipments only. For I am a humbled man who never thought he would be in this position. Thank you in advance for even taking the time to read out my unfortunate circumstances.