Nadine, Miami Flo

I am a 43 year old woman who is married to a 43 year old man. We both moved to Miami Florida and thought that our lives were about to become better. I went to school for cosmetology, and my husband found a great job in Customer Service with the Visa company. Now one and a half years later we are about to lose everything we have tried to work so hard for. I have finished school and I have obtained my cosmetology license. And I have searched for a job ever since. Unfortunately for me I have found out that Miami is a city where you cannot find a decent place to work without speaking spanish, and that most places they speak only spanish so i cannot find a job yet. My husband just lost his job last month and now we are behind in all of our bills. Our rental agreement states that we can be evicted after the 10th of the month if rent is not paid and we are now going on the second month because my landlord has seen that we have always been good with paying rent. But noone can live for free and now she has told us that if we do not pay rent this week she will have to evict. If there is anything anyone can do to help even 5 dollars we would greatly appreciate it.