HELP ME A, New york

Hello My Name is Rene. Ive fell behind on my rent. Ive been in court for quite some time the judge has been very lenient on me. Ive been granted 8 order to show causes. My court stip is up on the 12th of august and I really need help or me and my kids will be out our apt. I have not been just sitting around doing nothing. I have applied for government assistance and still have not received any decision yet. In fact when I got my tax return in March of this year. It was 2000 for both state and federal. I paid my landlord $1900. Just to bring the balance down some. I'm constantly looking for employment but in these times. Its hard to find a job that will compliment my schedule with 3 children. Please help Whatever You can help with $1,5,10, anything helps. I have 8 days left. Please help us from being put out on the street.