Eviction and no money to pay

Kapil, Mumbai In

M Kapil, 24, hardworking and honest student and i am struggling to feed a family of three. The issue is that my dad (dead in 2009) left no money for us and left me a debt of $9000 (Rs.540000) which I am unable to pay off and interest @20% p.a. is being charged by builder from whom we purchased the house I presently live in. The builder is very kind allowing us to stay in the house but his kindness would disappear if i don't pay off the dues within 2 years and he will remove us from our house in Mumbai,INDIA. We don't have any other house to live in nor do we have rent to pay off rental premises. We are in neck deep trouble and am just 24! Don't know where to go and what to do. Hence I request you to kindly donate at least 1 dollar to kapilenjoys@gmail.com this is my PayPal address. Your kind donation will help bring my balance down. I will be thankful to you and would pray lord Jesus to fill happiness in your life. God bless you