Everything is happening at once!

Well this week we found out we have $1500 worth of work to put into our jeep. On top of that I broke one of our storm windows. I dropped my phone and cracked my screen. Our washing machine started on fire. And now our kitchen sink drain is plugged. Even after snaking it and trying everything we could at home, looks like we are going to have to get a plumber. That was this week. I am wondering if we are suddenly cursed! We are not the type who have savings or credit cards. We live paycheck to paycheck. Our daughter's birthday is October 20th. We have less than a month to get her a present and plan her party. I am beyond stressed and just figured there'd be no harm in seeing if someone was willing to help us out. To fix our jeep, our window, replace my phone and washing machine and hire a plumber is well beyond our means. Especially when we have our daughters birthday to pay for this month! I would be forever grateful for your help!