Entry Level Gaming Rig before Christmas

I live in the Philippines and I am working with minimum wage of php 3500 per month which is just enough for my everyday needs, food, shelter, transportation and bills. I am a gamer since 2004 so I've been dreaming to build an entry level pc gaming rig, but all those years I am not able to because of my responsibilities as a family member who still lives in my parent's house, by the way I am 28 years of age. So I wrote this letter when I found out about it on the internet. Building a rig for myself really is my dream so I'm begging you to please give me an opportunity to have one. My current pc is a laptop Acer Aspire E1-571G which I bought second hand from 2009. I can game with it before with bits of lags and screen tearing but now with the new updates I constantly get bluescreens of death. I hope people will help me achieve my dream. Thank you.