Emergency Surgery

How do you know when to ask for help? After you are sitting in the dark with your 13yr old son? After you have sold all your belongings to try to pay some of your bills? After you find out you have to have an emergency hysterectomy because your kidneys are going to start shutting down? Ok well now that all of the above has bee done in our house I guess now it's time to ask for money. I have family. I have a good family but none that is able to support us during the time it will take to have the surgery and the recovery time. Where do you go for help? What do you do? My son said he is happy to get a job which broke my heart. He's only 13!
I started a gofundme site because someone told it may help. 5.00 is more than we have now. I had a friend in Florida FedEx us some food. Wow how do you even say thank you for that??!! People around here can't or won't help. I live in a very small town and I think it's because people begged for help who didn't really need it. That's insane. 5.00 would help. That's more than we have now.