Emergency Help - Eviction Notice

Alex, London

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen The purpose of this appeal for urgent help from anyone who can help. I am currently in a financial ditch. I am a graduate with an Accounting and Finance degree. After university in the attempt to pay off my debts i started trading the financial markets. I made some quick gains but to cut a long story short i made a silly mistake and lost all my gains. In the attempt to recover the loss I put all my wages into my account in addition to a loan from the bank and a loan from a friend. The reason this is an urgent appeal is that she didnt tell me the funds were her life savings and as i write she has been served an eviction notice. She is also pregnant and needs money for everyday things like food and clothing as she isnt working. I admit i made a mistake and i am really sorry for it. I am pleading with you all to please help me out. If i can return her money to her i will be happy to be homeless and work off my other debts. Thanks in advance for your help. No amount is too small. Kind Regards, Alex.