Economic Help.

Amerigo19, Bussoleno

On the 16TH of jennuary , my brother Ferro Claudio it is died in the hospital of Susa (torino) for a wrong diagnosis. He died at 57 years for superficiality and lack of professionalism of the people who worked in this case. The anger we feel i and my companion are not explained by the schock from us immediately. Please let turn all your contacts of this shame. I need your help to continue the legal case that i have already opened in addressing the study of legal Chambers. Mauro Sella di Torino Italy . Do I have to pay the legal doctor that i have asked for an autopsy and the Chambers i need. I and my companion of life Barbara Tufano we are both unemployed, i for years now, my companion for about two months that are served to assist my brother Claudio who had need constant assistance over the past 10 months, has had to leave his employment to look after my brother. We are desperate we need help, i am ashamed infinitely but i cannot do anything else please contact me these are our Email: ( ). ( ).The end of our legal battle is to get to know the truth, i and my companion with the help of Dr. Roberta Brusini Educator at the S. E. R. T Susa (To) Italy, we intend to invest any compensation to erect a house Family entitled to Ferro Claudio. P.S I have written ten months because Claudio Ferro in June 2011 was operated to the heart, where are followed by 5 months of rehabilitation, before he returned to his house, with me Ferro Amerigo and my companion of life Barbara Tufano. Please help us Krishna is the name of his son born in 1990.