Economic Help.

Amerigo19, Bussoleno

Claudio my brother in June of 2011, is heart surgery for replacement of the ascending left, during the merger of urgency, Claudio has been without oxygen for more than three minutes causing him brain damage. The rehabilitation lasted more than five months. Just in November we brought home. 16/01/2012 Earlier this year my brother Ferro Claudio died in the hospital in a small town in Italy (Susa-Turin-Italy-Piedmont.) The cause of death is unbelievable and embarrassing. For 10 days he was treated for bronchitis. I reported to the Civil Hospital doctors Susa (Turin) who were aware of the operation he had suffered documented From the large binder that we have shown. Claudio was to undergo a more thorough investigation but have not been heard. They continued to ignore my requests maybe to save on medical costs!? The result was that my brother bled to death, something has broken internally? We have family members reported to the Police Hospital Susa. Lawsuit prepared by our lawyer Mr. Mauro Sella in which calls placed, the autopsy. Request deemed justified, the prosecutor Patricia Caputo, who has responsibility for post-mortem examinations, the physician office, Roberto Testi. Unfortunately, we were surprised and devastated by this terrible story, just two months prior to November I asked my partner to leave the work to heal the best Claudio she needed to be followed 24 hours a day, my companion was very happy to I asked him, without thinking materially, with love and dedication. I at that time was a precarious job at the town of Bussoleno (Turin), which unfortunately ended on 02.07.2012, now we're both unemployed, overwhelmed by this tragedy that we had not reckoned because Claudio had only 57 years and his physical condition did not suspect an end so soon. We need money, in addition to our lawyer, no one is helping us, our families see in us, as well as people who do not know the truth, cause of death of Claudius. We have not been negligent, we must demonstrate to all what happened. In this small country have condemned this is why we are not being helped, because vilified and harassed by offending our person and our morality. Please if you can help us if we had the opportunity away from this valley would expect that justice will make us honor. rehabilitated as people and human beings, guilty only of wanting to love our brother.