Thousand , Ohio

I'm taking a long shot with this one, but for my kids, i am setting my pride to the side.  I am currently homeless with two kids. i have been taking my children to different family members home at night so they can be safe, and I have been sleeping in my car because my family feels with being an adult they shouldn't help.  I recently was engaged and made a mistake in trusting someone who took everything from me. I have eaten in three days and I'm sick to my stomach. while I have been sleeping in my car, I was raped, which drove me to the point to try and kill myself. It didn't work anad I'm still here. I get by through the night by cutting my wrist to sot me frm crying. I am working hard to get another job and a new place for my children. All this is hitting me hard because Its like i lost EVERYTHING within this past week. Im only in my car because I was living out of state, and had to travel back to my hometown where I have no one. All I asking is for a little help to at least pay for hotel stay until I can get another place so I can be safe and have a little type of piece. Please