Dying from ovarian cancer and need treatment

Dee D., Ann Arbor

Hello friends;My name is Dee and I am a 53 year old Michigan woman fighting ovarian cancer since 1994. I am also a nanny.Its getting close to a time I must leave my job of 5 years due to not having energy tokeep up with 5 year old child... It has since spread to my spine and now my colon. I have recieved radiation and can get it no longer.I do not believe chemo is for me. In 2006 I was told I had 6 months to live. I actually laughed and told the doctors only God knows my expiration date! My research over the years has led me to try a last ditch effort to live, with vitamin c infusions. I had my first consultation and was able to pay the $240 fee but I can not pay the more than $200 for the twice a week sessions that I must have for a year. If an angel is able to help me,I may be able to see my grandson grow up! In 1994 I asked God to let me see my son graduate high school and now he's 27 with a child of his own on the way. Thank you to all that may bless me and may you be blessed 7 fold.