Dying Friend

IntheMids, Glendora,

My friend and housemate is dying and I have been supporting him, but I am drowning in debt and my once perfect credit score is now 523, I can't borrow any more money right now. He has not been able to pay his rent here in two years. It has also taken two years for him to get SSID. Our place was burglarized in January and the Insurance is taking their sweet time in paying it, thus the money crisis. I have posted a Leroy Neiman Print for sale on this site and we have many other collectibles and some other art for sale. He was selling items online mostly tools, when most of the items were stolen. Thus the financial crisis. Then his brother died and he inherited the collectibles and art which he has been trying to sell, but now is too ill. We have at times not had money for food. I would like him to be able to see his kids before he dies, but he is running out of time. We would really appreciate the help. We are desperate and he is too proud to do this so I am.