dont want to end up homeless

Possibled, Vancouver

Since my husband passed away 7 years ago life has spiraled. He got sick and passed, leaving me to care for our 3 kids. We had debt and no insurance. I was a stay home mom who had to now provide for our kids . We lost our home, we lost our husband and father , our dignity and now i have a huge debt of 49K . The debt we had just grew, and my inability to make enough money each month to both care for my family and keep paying off the debt didnt work. I am now at a point where bankrupcy and humiliation are pending. My kids deserved better but i couldnt provide the way dad did. To top it off i ended up with a health crisis that has me feeling like giving up. I dont want to burden my kids or anyone with these issues but i am desperate for a hand up. By the grace of god i know there are able people out here who can help...please ....I am praying this finds its way to the right and able souls. Anything will be appreciated. And yes, i do work....very hard.