Don't ask, don't get

This is m, Jena, Ger

My name's Bee. The past two years I have been ill. My partner looked after me the whole time. Last year his dad died leaving his mum on her own. My partner is German so I moved to Germany with him so he can help his mum out. I am on the road to recovery now, but its a long path, the amount of money I bring in is miniscule. My partner works 6 long days a week bringing in just enough money for us to stay in a small flat with his mum. We want to get married and have kids, but we are wise, and know we shouldn't do this until we can afford to bring them up. This seems like it could never happen at this rate though. My health means I can only work a little, a short trip to the shop leaves me exhausted and wrecked, let alone a full day's work. I do try, and I apply endlessly on sites like PeoplePerHour to get online or work from home jobs. Our dream is to open an English coffee shop here in Germany. There is nothing like that here. My boyfriend thinks more about the flexibility of working hours and a nice relaxed atmosphere to work in; I think about this too, but love dreaming of all the little things like British crockery and fresh tea as well as homemade cakes and scones! Joint to our little tea or coffee shop we would like to run something for kids, like an after school club, weekend club and somewhere also where kids from kid's homes can come (for free) to do something. We are thinking along the lines of crafty stuff, making cool things, being creative and expressing themselves. Here in Germany there is loads of focus on sports, there's always loads of kids groups out jogging, but I feel sorry for those children that aren't into that, there's not much here for them. Me and my partner are happy living within our means, we enjoy encouraging others and being around other people. We have been through too much and we, but especially my boyfriend, need a break. So yes, essentially I am asking for money. A loan, I don't know, it would be nice to repay someone who could give us a chance, but honestly, I don't know how long that would take. My pride is damaged in asking for money, but what can I do. I might as well try. If some wealthy person out there reads this, well, I am no fraud, I am a bit fed up, I need to find a way so that the two of us can start to lead a positive life. If you are worried about giving me money (should anyone think that far) then you could just buy a shop here in Jena, where we are! Life has dealt us a really tough few hands over the last few years and we could do with a helping hand. Thank you for reading if you got this far. I know there are others out there in worse conditions than me, but if you don't ask, you don't get. Thanks again, Bee. (Anyone that does help us out would obviously be getting free tea and scones :))