Donations for cancer patient

Jenny nee, Phoenix

I am posting this because of the financial and emotional hit that accompanies the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, especially when there is no defined prognosis. Jennifer is not able to work, and though she lives with her mother an I we are barely able to keep our heads above water and she still has needs beyond what we can provide. There are three main reasons we seek donations. 1.To make sure Jennifer can pay bills we can not meet as a family. 2.To provide her with a means of escape from time to time. 3.And the hard one, to ensure we have funds for the worst case; Hospice and funeral. Yes, the third one seems morbid, but it is a fact. As Jen goes through her third round of Chemo she is weaker and experiencing side effects more sharply. We simply do not know what the future holds, and with no real prognosis we know that the worst is possible. We have discussed and accepted this fact. you can read more about her at