Divorce, jobless

Desperate, West Virg

After supporting my wife through nursing school, she has decided to divorce me and leave me for another man. I quit working so that I could focus on school a few months ago as we'd agreed, so aside from a little financial aid I was fairly dependent on her to support me as I did her. I've sold all of my possessions that are worth anything and maxed out all my credit cards trying to stay afloat and keep my piece of crap car running. It's broken down again. I have no way to get to a job, when I do find one, since I live so far from the bus. I have no way to pay next month's rent. Oh and she's gotten a lawyer for the divorce and wants to pursue sole custody of our daughter. I'm so screwed. I need help to get any car that actually works so that I can get back to working and get on my feet. I'll have to put school on the back burner I suppose. I just don't know what I'm going to do. Any help anyone can offer me is more appreciated that you can possibly know. I got blindsided by this. Three years of marriage and four years being together before that and she just totally screwed me over. Please help me.